A Kringle In Time

Coming soon to the IGG, the Risus: the Anything RPG "campaign" of holiday-inspired mayhem…

I haven't decided yet if I am going to be using any of my own houserules (from the bitchin' GENERIKUS variant for Risus I came up with), but I'll post those when it gets to that point.

As it has been decided during chargen, the following houserules were put into effect (which thus far are the only deviations from the rules as written):

1) I gave them both a “free” extra die as if they had written a “Tale,” mostly because I get the feeling that it’s just going to be the two of them for the most part and they’ll need the extra oomph. That, and forcing folks to write longer back stories when it probably won’t matter kinda’ blows.
2) I gave the option to have a “Hook die,” where an extra die can be used for another Cliché at the cost of having a Cliché pretty much permanently frozen at (1) (which one player took, one player did not).

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