Armor As Damage Reduction

We tried the SRD variant located here, and found it not quite to our liking - it just made armor too worthless.

Thus, we are implementing a significantly more streamlined approach and will see how that works out for us.

Armor no longer adds anything to AC. However, it has a DR associated with it that is the X/- equivalent of whatever its AC bonus would have been. Thus, Leather is DR 2/-, Chainmail is DR 5/-, Full Plate is DR 8/-, etc.

Any magical enchancement bonuses to armor provide a lessened chance to hit, and thus add to AC. Therefore, a +2 suit of Leather would have a DR of 2/- and a +2 AC. Armor bonuses enhance the DR, and thus Bracers of Armor have a functional DR equal to their AC bonus.

With regard to creatures with Natural Armor, we are using the rules as written from the SRD. This would then stack with any other possible DR X/-, but not specific DR's (like against silver, the like). For example, a Bulette normally has an AC of 22 with a +12 from Natural Armor. Using these rules, the Bulette would have an AC of 20 and a DR 2/-. This may change as we continue play.

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