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All new characters will use a the Savage World character creation rules RAW with the constraints given by the [Hellfrost Player's Guide].

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Part 1

(as told by Kharnom Ulwreker of the Outland Highsteps)

Aye, Greywolf never knew his birthparents, at least in the traditional sense of "knowing." Raised by a hermit until the year of three (or four? or five?) on the far outskirts of Duarspagger Hamlet, Greywolf was better known as "kid" or "hey you" for those old years.

But one day, that hermit passed on. Unpaid gambling debts will do that to a man. "Kid" found himself fending alone for a few months, doing what he could to survive. As those nights became colder, "kid" would snuggle up with the hermit's hounds, who protected the youth and showed him the benefits of pack order. But still, despite the mongrels' affection, "kid" quickly suffered from weakgut and gumrot.

Lo, when a roving group of Finnar came across the remains of that hermit's shack, they took pity upon "kid" and adopted him and the hounds into the tribe. Named Bi'inash, the youth worked to join into Finnar society, but at best was always considered a p'tash. An outsider. Eventually, Bi'inash grew to adulthood, but no fathers were willing to marry off even their ugliest or infertile daughters to him. And since Finnar customs require a mate by the age of nineteen, Bi'inash found himself distanced further and further from his adopted tribe.

At twenty-two, lacking a mate, dowery, and tribal honor, Bi'inash left his tribe. They were glad to see him go, for this p'tash looked nothing like them, acted nothing like them. You see, loners aren't accepted by the Finnar, ever – even loners of their own making. So Bi'inash worked as a mercenary, the only job he was good at – for nomads aren't schooled in the ways of housekeeping and farmwork. But after a decade, maybe a a little more, Bi'inash grew distasteful of fighting battles that weren't his. Nature was his only refuge.

Now, as the moons turned many and Bi'inash found himself with no manfolk companions, he returned to the pack. When he discovered an injured wolf in a huntsman's trap, Bi'inash took pity on the pathetic creature, returning it to health. A bond of spirits formed, and soon Bi'inash realized the wolf wished to bestow a gift upon him! Talking with his spiritmate at length, it was revealed to Bi'inash that the wolf was no mere animal - it was a fallen god.

Like Bi'inash, the god wished companionship, it wished to be of the same mind - a pack. Bi'inash and the wolf god formed a covenant, releasing themselves to the Laws of the Pack, and becoming one - Greywolf.

Greywolf, with a new understanding of nature, the heavens, and his place in the world, eventually found himself in the employ of Esquire Jenovis. For who questions the will of the fates? You? Me? I think not! So as a huntsman and occasional explorer for the Esquire, Greywolf tended the lands, waiting for the coming of The Pack. True, his cause was not revealed, though Greywolf believed that "coincidence" is a term uttered only by the short sighted. And so should you.

Miia Jenovis

Miia Jenovis is the daughter of a rich (but not noble) horselord who occupies a large and wealthy stead in an area called the Angle; a small space of land that lies at the crotch of 3 fiefdoms (Sean insert specific geographics at your leisure).

As Erkebrand Jenovis occupies a social status above Gentleman, but not quite a Lord (his official title is Esquire), he took great care over the years in maintaining a diplomatic neutrality between the other Lords. In manners he was like them; speech, dress, tastes, but he was never truly a Lord, so he made sure to remain chummy with the Knights of the local area and stay on good terms with all. It would have been a simple matter for a Knight to declare some kind of official dispute, and attack him, disempowering his lands, and claiming the Jenovis horse ranch as his own.

Miia grew up in the lap of luxury. The house had some 30-40 people on it at any given time; hers was a rich existence. In the mornings, she trained with her brothers as talented Men-at-arms for Saxa service if the local lords called upon them. Although she was never taken seriously as a combatant given her gender, it pleased her father and brothers to see her hacking away with sword and spear. She came to be quite good. In the afternoons, she learned to ride and command respect from common Saxa. In the evening she found her true calling, and she would sit quietly with the house midwife listening to stories of arcane medicines and esoteric prayers to the 3 aspects of womanhood, whom she came to call the Norns. So it was she lived a dual existence; during the day she was an official member of the gentry, at night she dabbled in the occult.

As she matured, her father thought her natural tomboyishness would fall by the wayside and she might turn to “proper” feminine duties. But it was not to be so. She redoubled her efforts to men’s work. In her late teen years, she experienced a growth spurt that left her taller than her brothers, and towering over lesser men. With her golden blonde hair and tall lithe frame the locals began to speak of her as a Valkyre of old.

Miia has led a somewhat sheltered and odd existence, so she is a bit irregular socially. She is direct to the point of being insulting, and used to having servants tend her to wishes so can be short with others. Combined with her tall frame, she can be quite intimidating. She varies between utter silence and obnoxiously loud; between socially introverted and then stubbornly demanding her way. She is direct, blunt, reckless and utterly obstinate. She also has a fierce memory, and lets no grudge go unanswered. Despite her many faults, she is fiercely loyal and compassionate to others’ suffering. She also believes to be in direct and constant communion with the 3 aspects of feminine known as the Norns, whom she talks to, audibly, constantly. She often refers to herself in the 3rd person or in the plural first person “we”-meaning herself and the Norns which she believes are constantly with her. (Concept: Joan of Arc as played by Milla Jovovich in the messenger).

In the present…

Having returned from a hunting trip with the estate gamesman (as played by Eric Etkin’s character, with his approval), Miia finds her family property sacked and ravaged. The people missing or dead and her family’s wealth plundered. The retrieves some personal effects from hidden chambers (armor, gear, weapons, horse) along with several notes of indebtedness amongst her father’s paperwork. After a short period of grief, she heads to the local town of (insert GM town here) where she endeavors to hire on some retainers for the purpose of travelling to (insert place here) to recover some of the monies owed her family, so that she can rebuild. She must take care, however, as her weakened position leaves her open to an easy coup’d’estat from local Lords if they grow greedy for newer lands and see the many acres of horse-rearing property undefended and unspoken for.


Burwynn "Wynn" ap-Serin

Wynn was the youngest of seven children of Serin ap-Delbaeth, an Anari noble. As Wynn had three older brothers, the burden of leadership was never something that he was ever prepared for. As he grew older, it became apparent that he was a runt even by Anari standards (Hindrance, Major - Small) and as such he needed to be nimble to avoid his older siblings (additonal die in Agility).
With little to occupy his time, he soon found entertainment in breaking into areas of the manor that he wasn't welcome, essentially teaching himself to be a passable thief (Free Human Edge - Thief). As he was very rarely required to assist in hosting other nobles, he soon picked up an unpleasant lack of verbal filter (Hindrance, Minor - Big Mouth [Jackass]).
After Wynn managed to insult the family of his eldest sister's suitor during their pre-wedding dinner his father disowned him (Hindrance, Minor - Black Sheep), leaving Wynn to fend for himself.* He soon found that avoiding his elder siblings had prepared him well for life on the streets (Edge - Acrobat), but he remained relatively ignorant of who to contact (lack of Streetwise skill).
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