Hero Points

Hero Points (adapted from here) are offered as an incentive to reward players for role-playing, teamwork and player cooperation. At the end of each game session, every player present for the session may award 2 hero points to the other characters as he sees fit (they may be split if desired). This is done by secret ballot given to the DM before the next session (email and post-game note are common methods), and the Hero Points are totaled and awarded by the DM along with experience awards. Unawarded points are not retained from session to session.

Hero Points (up to 10) may be awarded by the DM at character generation in return for a written character background. Additional hero points may be awarded during the campaign at the DM's discretion.

A player may spend Hero Points awarded to his character to accomplish any of the following by simply announcing that he will do so (even on another player's turn). Once a point is spent, it is gone and may never be used for another purpose.

Hero Points are a character feature, and are non-transferable between characters. Specifically, should a player decide to make a new character, any Hero Points accumulated by their previous character are not available for use with the new character.

A character may retain up to 20 Hero Points at a time. Any points accumulated beyond 20 are lost.

Spending Hero Points

One point:

  • Back From Death's Door - Automatically succeed in a stabilizing roll to stop bleeding when between Con-1 and Con-10 hit points.
  • Lady Luck Smiles - Before rolling the die, gain a +2 to any skill check, ability check, attack roll, saving throw, or initiative roll. Up to 5 Hero Points (for a total of +10 to the roll) may be used on a single die roll.
  • Make Your Own Luck - After rolling the die, gain a +1 to any skill check, ability check, attack roll, saving throw, or initiative roll. Up to 5 Hero Points (for a total of +5 to the roll) may be used on a single die roll

Two points:

  • Bring The Pain - Automatically score maximum damage on a single damage roll instead of rolling the die. When rolling for damage, each die is considered a single roll. A 6d6 fireball would require spending twelve Hero Points to maximize. A damage die may not be maximized after rolling it.
  • Three-Circle Stance - When fighting defensively, double the normal benefits for fighting defensively for an entire round (+4 dodge bonus to AC; +6 with 5 or more ranks in Tumble).
  • Let it Ride - When making continuous skill checks outside of combat, you may use the value you just rolled for the rest of the "scene."

Three points:

  • It Cuts Deep - Automatically confirm a critical threat, turning it into a critical hit. This option must be chosen after a critical threat is scored, but before rolling to confirm the critical.
  • Hedge Your Bets - Roll two dice for vitality points when leveling up. The higher of the two rolls is then used for vitality points gained.
  • Push The Limits - Gain a single use of a class ability that has a limited number of uses per day. For example, a monk might spend the Hero Points to gain another use of her stunning fist ability, or a paladin might spend them to make an additional smite attack.

Four points:

  • Better Yourself - Gain an additional skill point. This point is spent normally, and may not increase skill ranks above a character’s normal limit for his level.
  • Faster Than The Eye - Gain an additional move-equivalent action in the current round.

Five points:

  • Guide My Blade - Automatically threaten a critical hit after making an attack that hits the target.
  • Press Your Advantage - When taking a full attack action, make an extra attack at the highest Base Attack Bonus. This may be used with both melee and ranged attacks.
  • Ray's Folly - Roll two dice for vitality points when leveling up. Add the two rolls together, and this number is then used for vitality points gained. The hit points gained cannot exceed the maximum you could receive on one die.
  • Rewrite History - Reroll any roll you have made. Use of this option must be declared before any secondary effects (such as damage) are rolled or described.
  • Total Recall - Spellcasters can recall any spell just cast. The spell can be cast again later with no effect on other prepared spells. This can only be done in the same round that the spell is cast.

Six points:

  • Celerity - Gain an additional standard action in the current round.

Ten points:

  • Like Hell He Does - Force another player or NPC to reroll any one roll.

Twenty points:

  • Feature Presentation - Gain a new General feat. You cannot use this more than once per four levels

Variable points:

  • Blood from a Stone - Spellcasters may cast a spell as if they had a spell slot remaining at a cost of 2 x Spell Level, i.e. to cast a 3rd level spell, it would cost 6 Hero Points. This can only be done for spell levels that the spellcaster has no remaining spell slots available and the spell must be cast immediately. Cantrips count as Spell Level 0.5.

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