House Rules

This is the repository of the house rules we use. Check the pages for current campaigns to see the specific rules in effect for a given campaign.

D&D 3.5e Savage Tide House Rules

  • Defense Bonus - A class based ability to evade blows.
  • Armor as Damage Reduction - Armor soaks up damage, and less so, turns attacks.
  • Hero Points - Players award these to one another for good play. They can be exchanged for neat heroic effects.
  • Quasi VP/WP - The benefits of the VP/WP system in D&D, with less difficulty adapting to to D&D rules.
  • Identifying Magic Items - If you don't have the Identify/Analyze Dweomer spells, or the components to cast them, how can you identify what the shiny new loot you have acquired does?
  • Spell Points - Removing the Vancian spell-slots system for one that allows for much greater caster flexibility.
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