Lavinia And Vanthus

Vanthus and I were quite close growing up, since our parents were rarely around. We grew to depend on each other, and got into a fair amount of trouble together too. After a particularly complex prank involving several elixirs of love and a nearby water tower, our childhoods came to an end. I was sent off to the Thenalar Academy for the next five years of my life and Vanthus was shipped out to work on a plantation.

When we both returned to live in the family manor last year, we had each changed. I like to think that my time at Thenalar benefitted me. Vanthus on the other hand had spent his time nurturing his bitterness. He no longer had time for me - he slept all day, and spent his nights with associates of doubtful character, as I recall. Eventually, he moved out of the manor entirely. I believe he took up with a lover in the Azure District, but I never learned the details.

After my parent's death, Vanthus returned for a week to live at the manor, but he had changed even more. Gone was the easy sense of humor I fondly recall from our childhood, but in its place was a bitter cynicism and a morbid streak that sent chills up my spine. There were several arguments, which culminated with Vanthus striking me with his fist. I was completely and utterly shocked, and for a moment so was he, I think. An instant later he was back to his new self, all scowls and menace. He gathered his things and left and I haven't seen him since.

I fear something profound happened to him at some point to change him so, but I am unsure what. I believe that he's fallen in with a bad crowd - smugglers, thieves or even killers, perhaps. I hope it is not too late for me to talk some sense into him.

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