New Members

Each prospective player will have a sponsor - the person who makes the initial contact or wants to bring a player to the game. Often this is the GM, but it may be another member who knows an interested party.

If the sponsor cannot vouch for the propect from prior knowledge, they will meet with the prospect outside of the game to determine if they are a potentially good fit with the group. This is basically an interview to get a feel for the player, give them an overview of the group, get character ideas, and ask questions. At this point the sponsor can exercise his veto to say "No." Otherwise, he may invite the new member to the next session, with as much warning to the GM as possible (if the GM is not the sponsor).

The first session should be considered a trial period (this may be extend to additional sessions by vote of the existing membership - usually if there is no consensus yet), after which the existing members may voice their opinions and decide. Only the group as a whole may approve offering the player a permanent seat.

If there are disagreements the members will discuss the issues until they can come to a unanimous decision. At this point the GM will handle contacting the player to deliver the news.

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