There Is No Honor

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NPC's of Note

Lavinia Vanderboren


The party's employer. She first employed the party to convince Soller Vark to allow her aboard her own ship. After that, she hired them on as her personal bodyguards and troubleshooters. She brought them with her to the Vanderboren's vault under Castle Terkanian to help her retreive her family fortune, and has sent them looking for her brother Vanthus after it appeared that he had stolen most of the remaining wealth of the family from the vault. She feels that if they can bring him home, she can talk some sense into him and turn him away from the darkened path he has been walking lately.

Lavinia's Situation
Lavinia and Vanthus

Soller Vark


An attractive man. Soller Vark worked for the harbormaster and was holding Lavinia's ship (The Blue Nixie) for unpaid mooring fees. She had paid the fees, but without witnesses or a receipt, he denied ever having received the cash payment. Upon further investigation, the party discovered Vark was using the ship to smuggle exotic animals. After beating Vark and his henchman, Moxie 'convinced' him to write a receipt for Lavinia's payment, and then took the payment (100pp) back and told Vark to get lost.

Vanthus Vanderboren


Lavinia's brother. A handsome young man with a short beard, Vanthus is the scion of one of Sasserine's noble families. The party has uncovered information indicating that Vanthus has participated in smuggling, thievery, torture and murder; he is believed to be a "higher up" in the Lotus Dragon heirarchy1.
Also, a total dick2.

Rowyn Kellani

AKA The Lady Lotus, The Dragon Lady


Rowyn is the daughter of Heldrath Kellani, matron of this minor noble family of Sasserine. She was the mysterious leader of the Lotus Dragons and lover of Vanthus. When the party found her in her rooms in the Lotus Dragon Guildhall, she saw their potential and suggested that they switch sides and work for her. The party rejected her proposition and attacked, and she fled using a potion of Gaseous Form after they killed her pet felldrake, Gut Tugger. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.


Lotus Dragons


A newish thieves' organization in Sasserine that appears to deal mostly with smuggling. It is said they are led by someone called "The Lady Lotus (or The Dragon Lady)," whom Vanthus seems to have cozied up to.
The party has recently discovered the Lotus Dragon hideout, which is underneath the Taxidermist's Guild Hall (see page 16 of the Player's Guide)3.


The Caves of Parrot Island


The Lotus Dragon Lair

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